Greg works with students across the country and has been described as "revolutionary," "astounding" and "an answer to my prayers!" for the way he inspires even the most reluctant learners. If your organization is interested in an Author Visit, click here to contact Greg directly.


One of Greg’s goals with younger students is to move them away from counting by ones to grouping, skip counting, and thinking in smart groups of 10. His ultimate goal is to teach kids to understand numbers through 20, the relationship between parts and a whole, and the relationship between addition and subtraction.

In this session, Greg combines math with reading, poetry, science and even art history as he takes primary students on a number-filled journey that covers four books and all four seasons.

KA-CHUNK! (GR. 2-3)

Breaking numbers apart in smart ways is the key to good number sense and strong computational skills. Greg shares his uniquely entertaining and effective way of teaching this critical concept, and helps students make the important transition from counting to adding and adding to multiplying. He also makes sure kids use strategies that work for all numbers – not just small numbers.


When working with older students, Greg combines all four operations and helps them make the transition from thinking visually and concretely to thinking abstractly and algebraically. A major focus is on developing both problem-solving and computational skills – all at the same time!


A book sale and signing is a great way to help fund an author visit. Scholastic offers a 40% discount on Greg's hardcover books and his paperbacks can be purchased separately from Scholastic Book Clubs. Please contact Michelle at: for more information.

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