Covid-19 Update
For the first time since 2014, we will not be hosting our national Math Plus Conference or any regional, summer conferences. But there is a silver lining. We are starting a Virtual Math Academy that kicks off the summer with a series of 20 virtual workshops, each given multiple times. Teachers will now have more flexibility with 20 dates to choose from, the choice of 2 or 4 workshops per day, and the option to sign up for a half day, 5 days, or a number in between.
Click here to see details on our new summer schedule!

It’s time to start thinking about . . . summer! It’s the season to relax, recharge and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. We are here to help and will be hosting 10 family-run, math events for K-6, K-8 and 9-12 teachers. Our speakers are a Who’s Who of the most experienced, most sought-after, most well-traveled, and most friendly math educators in the world.

We don’t believe bigger is better. When it comes to learning, we believe great speakers, a great curriculum, and SMALLER sessions are better. Our family-run conferences are teacher favorites because they are intimate, idealistic, and inspiring. We work hard to provide the best math PD anywhere – plus options to grow your mind, body and spirit!

Summer Math Conferences (K-8)

  1. MATH PLUS National Conference, July 14-16 in Kansas City.
  2. Nashville Math Conference, July 20-21 in Nashville.
  3. New England Math Conference, July 27-28 near Boston.
  4. Chicago Math Conference, July 29-30 in Chicago.
  5. Baltimore Math Conference, August 3-4 in Baltimore.

Summer Math Institutes (K-6 & 9-12)

  1. Houston Math Institute (K-6), June 23-24 in Houston.
  2. Kansas City Math Institute (9-12), July 31 in Kansas City.
  3. Seattle Math Institute (K-6), August 5 in Seattle.

Summer Math Workshops (1-6)

  1. Atlanta Math Workshop, June 22 in Atlanta.
  2. Dallas Math Workshop, July 9 in Dallas.

Join Greg Tang, Yeap Ban Har, James Tanton, Marian Small, Eddie Woo, Barbara Oakley, Nicki Newton, Sue O’Connell, John SanGiovanni, Chris Shore, Tammy Worcester, Cathy Kuhns and Greg Jr for some of the best, math days of your life.

Our speakers are the pioneers of many of the most widely used teaching methods worldwide. Together, they have taught millions of students, sold millions of books, and created teaching websites and videos that have been viewed hundreds of millions of times.

Exceptional. Extraordinary. Empowering. Summer 2020. Join us!